Let me move and you will forget my color, my ethnicity, my gender, my ability, my disability, my religion, my income level, my background. Let me move and I will dream. Big. Let me move and I will be empowered. Let me move and I will lead. Let me move and I will succeed. In and out of the classroom. Let me move and you will see how powerful a generation can be…


And you, what’s your move?


Coming soon

Street Rhythm is the name of the flagship youth programs, under Kuwa Ajabu Foundation, which is a not for profit organization . The Street Rhythm programs are tailored around creative, social, entrepreneurial, sporting, leadership experiences and engagements to ensure skills transferal . The beneficiaries of our programs, are primarily young people who are excluded from learning due to poverty, political unrest, natural disaster, discrimination, or cultural bias. Get involved and contact info@kaf.org.za .

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